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   Established in 1984, Thai Onono Public Company Limited has become one of the best underwear manufacturer in Thailand. We conduct successful business in the term of high quality and committed delivery. Thanks to hard working and good performance, we continually expand our customer bases and product lines such as nightwear and sportswear. Throughout decades, we have partnered with many start-up and huge brands like Target (USA), 2XIST, Mott50, Coolibar, Lascana, IVL Collective, Public Rec and etc.


   To support increasingly customer requirements, we have archived new technology to enhance our capacity such as auto-cutting machine, computer software and upgraded sewing machine. Furthermore we won't stop growing and planning to acquire more technologies and innovations to pave the way for the future. 

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is our priority.

     More important than business is partner trust, Thai Onono has studied about partner concerns in every processes, so we provide technical team such as pattern department, sourcing team and sewing specialist to embrace our customer issues about garment manufacturing, wherefore we can maintain plenty of long-term relationships. We always devote not only to reserve a good product quality, but also serve our partner the best and exceed their expectation.


     Thai Onono is fully aware the significance of quality control, therefore we conduct each materials and production procedures carefully to ensure they are within customer standard. Our team will stick with the 4 NEVERs concept to help us keep the consistency of product quality.

Never accept defect

Never make defect

Never send defect

Never hide defect

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   Here our employee is also counted as our partner. We create a productive work environment for everyone so they can come up with creativity which results in qualified jobs.


     We believe if we provide our partner with care and support they will return us in the same grateful way. Therefore we are lucky to have a huge family that commit toward the same values and assertive to grow more in the future.


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